ALLEN KAUFMANN Architects is a New York and/but Berlin-based design partnership that explores the fluid boundaries between architecture, art, and the built environment. Founded in 2014, our practice investigates the transformative potential of spaces, objects, and installations.

We challenge conventional definitions of design, working across residential, commercial, and cultural spheres. Our process is rooted in experiential concepts and site-specific responses, resulting in works like the immersive 893 Ryotei in Berlin, the fashion store Holy Ghost flagship shop in Munich, and the office spaces of SumUp and Signa Sports United. Our experiments with objects have led to a patent for a unique wood joinery system that was used to create the Dado Objects series, and we are currently developing a Dovetail series. A site-specific work on the fringe of architecture and art gave way to the contemplative Dwarfed Dead Cherry Tree installation in Upstate New York. This cross-field approach to working with projects, objects, and subjects allows us to engage more openly with the world, often yielding innovative results.

Our work is shaped by urban context, suburbia and natural landscapes. We embrace a collaborative and hands-on approach, allowing for meticulous refinement and a material sensibility that prioritizes essence over adornment. As opposed to bells and whistles, we prefer restraint.