Planter boxes, burdened by their conventional materials of ceramic, concrete, stone, or plastic, often succumb to an ungainly heaviness or an air of the disposable. To transcend these limitations, a collaboration with Havel of Brandenburg embarked upon an exploration of form and function. The result is a series of planter boxes, meticulously proportioned and fashioned from sheets of aluminum foam meticulously joined to create a five-sided, watertight vessel.

These aluminum foam boxes defy expectations. They are feather-light yet possess extraordinary strength. The very nature of the manufacturing process imbues each box with a singular texture, a tactile landscape as unique as a fingerprint that not only delights the eye but also provides a firm grip when the need arises to reposition the box. Offered in three distinct sizes, these vessels can remain in their natural aluminum state, a quiet celebration of the material, or be adorned with any hue imaginable through the transformative magic of powder coating.

Photography: Justin Allen