Isolation prompted the creation of DOVETAIL Chair C19. Twelve wooden forms interlock, building a three-dimensional precision puzzle using a dovetail feature. The structure embraces the natural movement of wood – a reminder of life’s constant flux. In a moment of crisis, this chair offers a space for contemplation, a testament to the expressive potential of pure material.

Most chairs are purchased already fixed in their form. Even if lightweight, they are cumbersome to transport. During the COVID shutdown, I spent more time in my wood shop than usual and wanted a chair I could build in the shop but take home by bike. Fitting 12 flat, rectangular wooden parts into my bike bin was much easier than fitting a built-up chair.

Flat-packed for efficient transport, the DOVETAIL Chair C19 is assembled by hand. This is an object of pure, elemental material – nothing added, nothing concealed.

DOVETAIL Chair C19 inspiration: A K Studio reaction to Lockdown

Design: Justin Allen

Fabrication: Justin Allen

Photography: Ann Katrin Warter

Covid-19 Chair dimensional drawings above by Neel Patel

Covid-19 Chair parts list by Justin Allen for Jointing

Covid-19 Chair Sketch by Justin Allen with numbered parts

Covid-19 Chair assembly, video by Ann Katrin Warter