Dovetail Leaner is a simple shelf of flat and thin parts which slide and lock into one another. While fabricating a prototype for another ALLEN KAUFMANN Object called the Sliding Dovetail Shelf, I prepared extra parts in case of unintentional mistakes. After finishing the Sliding Dovetail Shelves, I had some leftover oak, which led to the challenge of designing a simple “Leaner” shelf from the available parts I had left over. The brass rods came as an added solution for “book ends.”

The Dovetail Leaner is intended to be by your bedside, sofa or just against a wall. It can easily be moved around and placed wherever it can lean. Currently it is fabricated using solid European 30mm thick oak slabs with a polished oil finish and solid 8mm brass rods.

Design: Justin Allen

Fabrication: Justin Allen

Photography: Ann Katrin Warter

Dovetail Leaner Assembly, video by Ann Katrin Warter
Dovetail Leaner Dimensions, drawings by Neel Patel

Drawing by Justin Allen on architecture trace paper

Drawing by Justin Allen – original sketch and random paper source