The Machined Burner is an incense burner without the stigmatization or affiliation with any “spirituality” or “religions,” instead it is machined neutral and can be used by anyone for any purpose.

The burner is made from 3 separate and distinct machined parts, which slide, connect and interlock with one another to form a resolved puzzle. The incense stick is secured in a chamber with a smoke release groove. The smoke slowly escapes and the ash is captured for clean and smooth disposal. With the cherry of the incense stick protected in a chamber of machined brass, accidental burning or singeing is better avoided and gusts of wind can not spread the loose light ash.

We worked with a neighbor machine shop in Berlin to fabricate our prototypes and we are able to offer this burner in any machinable metal. Currently we are only proposing brass, but aluminum, stainless steel and bronze would be other options to consider.

Design: Justin Allen with Saskia Kaufmann

Photography: Justin Allen and Yuzhu Zheng