A deliberate 11-degree rotation disrupts the conventional geometry of this top-floor Kreuzberg apartment. Dynamic wedges emerge, sculpting a central T-shaped foyer that effortlessly divides public and private zones.

Against Berlin’s cool neutrality, the interior embraces warmth and tactility. Hand-applied “putz” envelops the walls, a conscious echo of traditional Mexican adobe methods. These textured surfaces capture shifting light, imbuing the space with an earthy, handcrafted quality. The 11-degree shift creates unexpected niches, offering moments for display and surprising pockets of illumination.

A recessed one-way mirror window subverts expectations, connecting the bathroom to the kitchen and living areas. This playful aperture extends the bathroom’s perceived boundaries while offering a framed glimpse of the Alexander Tower, juxtaposing the intimate and the urban.

Architect: ALLEN KAUFMANN Architekten

Photography: Justin Allen