A vibrant transformation unfolds at Kornmarkt 9, a site steeped in centuries of history as the former Golden Deer Inn. A cryptic reminder of its legacy – a carved wooden deer head – adorns the facade, hinting at echoes of the past.

Local visionaries sought a transformative intervention. On a modest budget, the floor plan emerges as a dynamic funnel. Black OSB-clad walls and sculpted bar elements evoke a textured, forest-like atmosphere. Carpeted spaces temper sound, a contrast in materiality. Existing surfaces, veiled in a shimmering black coat, hold memory within. Strategic openings in structural walls enhance flow and connectivity.

This project reveals the potential within layers of history. It juxtaposes old and new, texture and light – a reimagined space where the spirit of the past pulses within a modern, multifaceted experience.

Architect: ALLEN KAUFMANN Architekten