A long, narrow space in Berlin is transformed into an office for a young music agent and his team. Two main walls, bound together by a poured black glossy terrazzo-like material, divide the space into two distinct yet interconnected zones.

A simple insulated drywall wall separates the producer from the assistant manager. A dark-stained oak wood wall, punctuated by a 360-degree hidden revolving door, creates a subtle division between the client and his assistant.

The elegant vertical oak members follow a specific rhythm, interrupted by a 90-degree angle around a concrete column, visible from only one side. The handleless revolving door, offering controlled openness, allows the two divided spaces to merge into one, with a vertical slab subtly marking the division. A shelf with a sheet of glass emerges from the vertical wood notes as they protrude from the black backdrop, adding a touch of lightness and transparency.

Architect: ALLEN KAUFMANN Architekten

Photography: Yuzhu Zheng