A concrete skeleton on Torstrasse stood incomplete. In 2021, our collaboration with Iconic sought to transform this raw structure. Our intervention addressed the exterior, interior, and infrastructural elements – breathing life into an arrested form.

Within the interior courtyards, a metal grid facade fosters a veil of greenery. It offers privacy, softens acoustics, and transforms the stark concrete with organic growth. Circular voids in the parking ceiling pierce the darkness, infusing the space with light. The entry – a mirrored stainless steel gate – shields the space from the clamor of Torstrasse, reflecting the courtyard’s greenery onto the streetscape. Reimagined floor plans shift sleeping areas toward the courtyard, creating a sanctuary from the urban pulse.

This project confronted an unfinished state. It is a study in transformation through strategic interventions – a rethinking of the potential within an overlooked urban fragment.

Architect: ALLEN KAUFMANN Architekten