Medusa Lamp, a captivating luminescent creature, first took form as a corner and ceiling installation, illuminating the culinary landscape of Nu-Eat Kitchen, a restaurant nestled in Berlin’s Mitte district. Its heat-treated steel head and sturdy foundation anchored a mesmerizing tangle of 35 hand-curved copper tubes, their incandescent tips emanating a serpentine dance of light.

This transformative installation, however, was not confined to gastronomy. Commissioned twice as a freestanding light sculpture, Medusa found new habitats, casting its enchanting glow in a West Berlin dwelling and a Mitte apartment. Transcending its utilitarian purpose, it became an object of artistic intrigue.

In 2016, Medusa’s allure extended beyond private abodes, captivating audiences at an art exhibit curated by Alina Mann, where its luminous presence solidified its position as an object of enduring fascination and artistic merit.

Creation: Justin Allen

Fabrication: Justin Allen and Matthias Taska

Photography: Justin Allen