The BRASS JAZZ Table is an ode to precision and folly, a harmonious melody where the legacy of Tool and Die craftsmanship meets the improvisational spirit of Jazz. Four fluted joints, meticulously carved by wire-EDM, interlock seamlessly with a 3mm brass plate, a stage for the lathe’s artistry. Slender brass tubing legs, also turned on the lathe, rise from this union, culminating in oak “ends,” a warm touch against the cool metal, ensuring a gentle landing on any surface.

This table is not mere furniture but a rhythmic composition of joinery and machining. It is engineered with such exacting tolerances that it can be assembled and disassembled endlessly, a nomadic performer defying the constraints of bulk and packaging. Born of a collaboration between Justin Allen, Thomas Allen, and the artisans at P-Tool and Die in Rochester, NY, it is not intended for commerce but exists as an exploration, a tangible dialogue between design and fabrication, a syncopated rhythm where form and function dance in perfect harmony.

Design and Fabrication: Justin Allen and Thomas Allen with P-Tool and Die in Rochester, NY

Photography: Justin Allen and Yuzhu Zheng