HOLY GHOST a fashion label has its flagship headquarters shop in Munich. The label is committed to a simple elegant and urban inspired design for women.

The walls of the space are done in a light nude colored finish with a black stained oak floor in a herringbone pattern. Urban sculptures define zones and fashion points, taking inspiration from city buildings. The sculptures form voids and boxy planes for display. A missing volume from one box is an extension and protrusion from another – a give and take.

The urban sculptures are finished with the same nude paint used for the rest of the space creating seamless forms. Instead of a level hanging bar, we conceived a gently curved copper line, like fine straps holding a dress on shoulders. The line curves in and out and up and down for longer fabrics or shorter cuts, all the time exposing different views to the pieces.

Boxy urban sculptures break the hanging cuts. Angled copper profiles slightly protrude out of a void for a jewel like detail, alluding to the fingers of a hand. It is delicate, but also industrial. The cashier counter is a box with an odd void, it is the mother box, and the other urban sculptures take their form and expression from this void. Another give and take.